Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Union Square

So after sixteen long years here in the valley, Mama finally took us two to Union Square up in San Francisco (I remembered how to spell this from Cisco Systems; such a nerd!) and it was beautiful! It was crowded with people of course, from the slicked back hair of the Europeans to the cigarette-in-hand, skinny jeans hipsters. There was even a glam old grandmama, her hair in a scarf wrap, and un manteau (a coat)!

1) Here is the three-storied Forever 21 - there isn't much to see here. It's like they took the innards of our regular stores and exploded it over a radius of three floors. More stairs to climb~
2)Here's my twin Phyllis clutching her hat and looking around. I don't know where this is actually. But regarde ca cable car! They're famous for them.
3)She's clutching her hat again. Note, San Francisco wind is very typical.
4) I had to snap up this photo while scurrying across the street; but all the sloping hills are so pretty.
5)More street...
6) THE MOST WONDERFUL H&M EVER! This H&M is two floors tall, and the clothes are crammed into it like organized sardines in a neat can. What was most surprising that things hit the sales rack faster than they do back in San Jose, and they get new shipments everyday. The service is super nice too!

Me: "Thank you!"
Salesperson: "No no, thank you."

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