Sunday, August 29, 2010


A whole bunch of bug things have popped out, including Sea of Shoe's new bug jewelry line, made out of real tootin' beetles. I sort of like them now too! Here's some bug charms from, who specializes in charms and jewelry; each bug is pretty inexpensive, from $2-5.

My dad recently bought a bug zapper, shaped like a tennis racquet.

Dad: "It's electrified for super-powered badminton playing!"
Auntie: " Really!? Well then, why'd you just buy one?"

Sunday, August 22, 2010


 (Made by Style Hurricane, $25-35)
I haven't been posting as of late because I've been so darn tootin' busy with school (what was I thinking when I signed up for WHAP and leadership!?) but I must be busy all the time or else my mind will wander off to some other place. Can't have that happening.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a bunch of random things, like a black pencil skirt thing and a pink cardigan, which I will probably end up returning (does anyone else do this?). But, it was the first time the twin and I could run free like willy (who actually swam!) around the mall all by ourselves. So proud (': I also bought that H&M tiger cropped shirt.

I realized I can't buy everything I want, because my pockets are empty, so I need to resort to making a second rate version of them. So sad. I need to somehow create an ear cuff, and then an A-line skirt!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

United Bamboo Model Call

(VIA United Bamboo)
United Bamboo has recently opted for kitty models, and now they're calling for all fashionista kitties who know how to strut their stuff! A model call has been made for new cat-models - I wonder if they except plus size models. Ahem, my cat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Now, before you read this, Malaysia is a place with lots of non-pretty clothes, and so when you see an okay thing, you think it's awesome! This probably happened to me (with a case of bon marche)

1)Blazer: 20 RM = $6
I was pretty iffy about this buy; I just thought I needed a blazer as an essential! The price was nice too - YOU SHOULDN'T BUY THINGS FOR THE PRICE FRANCES

2)Outerwear: 25 RM = $8
I thought the gold lining stuff was pretty pretty... but I felt like I bought way too much black!

3)Quilted Red Shoulder Bag: 10 RM = $3.20
It looks sort of like Chanel (I'm pretty sure those fake designer good makers where trying to sell it off as Chanel) but I bought it because I needed some color after all that black... and it was also inexpensive.

4)Zipper Dress: 50 RM = $16
Mom offered to buy this for me, so I thought why not? It's pretty, I feel so girly.

5) Gigantic Flowy Pink Thing: 25 RM = $8
I thought the flowy-ness was very pretty; I also like how it gets longer in the back. It also comes with a pretty lacy under-tanktop, that I was to lazy to put in the picture. I got it stained with some paint... but I'm hoping it's unnoticeable after I drenched it out.

6) Lace Tunic: 30 RM = $10
I have such a weakness for lacey, pretty things..

7) Polka-dotted Highwaisted Zippered Shorts: 15 RM = $5
They were pretty! And polka-dotted... I liked them.

8) Satchel: 25 RM = $8
I bought this at a pretty store filled with 25 RM things; I needed a new bag to replace my other brown one that said "Genuine Leather" on it... which was tacky! So I bought this one.

9) Sheer Thing: 50 RM = $16
I first saw this, and liked it so much! But I didn't buy it at first... because I thought it was expensive! But I kept thinking about it, and, when I think about something for a long time, I have to buy it! This was probably one of my favorites.

I bought some shoes and denim short-shorts too (8 RM!), but I'll put that up some other time.
I have such a bad soft spot for all 8th/9th grade-esque pretty things...

Nonetheless, I felt like I should be really bad-butt in Malaysia! And I started wanting to be Asian-hipster (LIKE I DO EVERY YEAR I GO BACK) but I contained myself, and only wore some ripped up jeans. And a black hat, which as it turns out, no one wears hats in 98 degree weather!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Forever21 Shoes

Forever21, why must you make such pretty shoes now!? I must buy some.

Fishy Business

Fish scale tights! Mind-half-blown!

These tights are from Les Queues de Sardines, a french tight maker, with a knack for whimsical tights. This is their newest collection:
Personally I like the teardrop one. Cute tights remind me of wrinkled noses!

I was thinking of making a blogpost of all my finds in Malaysia.. but I would feel weird about opening my closet up. A girl's closet is a very private place!

Elle September 2010

 (from Envy, a super resourceful fashion website)
Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber did a spread for Elle magazine's September issue. What a funny, funny pair! She looks so bombshell-y! And he looks.. like Justin Bieber.

Poketo x Target

 (image via Poketo)
Poketo, a community of artists, is collaborating with Target! (Target, you sly sly dog. You have so many collabs!) I really liked their cute-sy prints and illustrations, and yesterday they launched their back-to-school collection of totes, unbrellas, and wallets. I heard Target has a new grocery section too; yum yum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lollapalooza 2010

(images via luckymag, refinery29,
I'm finally back in America, and one of the first things that pops on my screen is Lollapalooza, and here are a few collected from the world wide web. I like the top layer because it's colorful; I've been such a stickler for colorful lately..

Go-asian-colorful-street-hipsters.. you have been PERMANENTLY IMPRINTED IN MY BRAIN! It's pretty refreshing though, like the rootbeer I will have very, very soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Shoe Design Contest

(Via Chictopia) Chictopia, a site similar to lookbook, has partnered with Jeffrey Campbell to create a shoe design contest for the shoe connoisseurs out there! Winners get to interview the man himself, win a pair of his shoes, and the very pair that you designed too! I would be stumped on what to ask the guy though...

"So... do you like shoes?"

Kuro the Cat

I've never showed you folks my number one fan! This is Kuro, he's so dreamy~ Since cats are all the rage now, my cat is completely IN!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sneaky Sneakers

(Image VIA Garance Dore) These fancyschmancy sneakers have secret heels in them! Perfect for a short girl like me.. if I wore sneakers. Garance Doré sure has an eye for things.

Sheer Sheerness

I was keeping tabs (keeping track, keeping tabs on YOU! This is a song, by the way.) on Calla since their feature in Nylon magazine, and here's their latest collection, Fall/Winter2010. I like the sheer sheerness of this collection - oh the punniness - sheer has been permanently imprinted into my head by Susie Bubble's mad layering skills! Here, I really like the short skirt underneath a sheer maxi look, and the flowy, simple tops of the others. The straight leg pants are really nice too; I think I might purchase some! And I need to give a kudos (teachers would say this all the time!) to her legs. They're beautiful! But then again all models' are.

Monday, August 2, 2010

If I were a boy!

(Image viaRefinery29) I wouldn't be, because I could just wear this, United Bamboo's resort 2011 collection.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Opening Ceremony x Doc Marten

Just recently Doc Marten's collaboration with Opening Ceremony was released, following up with the back-to-earth, wild trends of Fall (so says and Fashionista!). The heels look like a hybrid of sandals, clogs, and pumps, while the boots look like dolled up doc martens with brand new heels and a new coat of paint! Out of all these, I would consider wearing the black boot... once I break out of this girly shell I'm in at the moment. Here's the rest! They look pretty kick-butt.

Aldo Fall 2010

One of my favorite shoe stores is Aldo, because it's at the most tippy top of my price range, and has pretty shoes! Their 2010 Fall Collection has several really nice pieces, following the trend of boots, black&brown, clogs, and wedges.

I like the wingtips (I can fly!) on the black boot, and the sort of hidden wedge thing going on in the other two.
I think despite my current height disposition of being short forever, I will consider wearing flat shoes.

These are like back-to-earth brogues, except you'll be towering a couple inches over the ground! (When I think of to-the-earth, I think of my face plastered in the dirt! I had a dream like that once.) I like that colour of brogue, the dark chocolate colour.

Dark chocolate is good for you, by the way. Tons of antioxidents for those of you who want to stay young forever and ever.

I really very much like the first and last shoes here; the first looks bad-butt like you could squish a hundred ants all at once (not that you'd want to) and the last looks like the threesome child of a clog, an oxford, and a football. I love it! I think you'd deliver a pretty nasty kick with these. (images from Aldoshoes)