Thursday, August 12, 2010


Now, before you read this, Malaysia is a place with lots of non-pretty clothes, and so when you see an okay thing, you think it's awesome! This probably happened to me (with a case of bon marche)

1)Blazer: 20 RM = $6
I was pretty iffy about this buy; I just thought I needed a blazer as an essential! The price was nice too - YOU SHOULDN'T BUY THINGS FOR THE PRICE FRANCES

2)Outerwear: 25 RM = $8
I thought the gold lining stuff was pretty pretty... but I felt like I bought way too much black!

3)Quilted Red Shoulder Bag: 10 RM = $3.20
It looks sort of like Chanel (I'm pretty sure those fake designer good makers where trying to sell it off as Chanel) but I bought it because I needed some color after all that black... and it was also inexpensive.

4)Zipper Dress: 50 RM = $16
Mom offered to buy this for me, so I thought why not? It's pretty, I feel so girly.

5) Gigantic Flowy Pink Thing: 25 RM = $8
I thought the flowy-ness was very pretty; I also like how it gets longer in the back. It also comes with a pretty lacy under-tanktop, that I was to lazy to put in the picture. I got it stained with some paint... but I'm hoping it's unnoticeable after I drenched it out.

6) Lace Tunic: 30 RM = $10
I have such a weakness for lacey, pretty things..

7) Polka-dotted Highwaisted Zippered Shorts: 15 RM = $5
They were pretty! And polka-dotted... I liked them.

8) Satchel: 25 RM = $8
I bought this at a pretty store filled with 25 RM things; I needed a new bag to replace my other brown one that said "Genuine Leather" on it... which was tacky! So I bought this one.

9) Sheer Thing: 50 RM = $16
I first saw this, and liked it so much! But I didn't buy it at first... because I thought it was expensive! But I kept thinking about it, and, when I think about something for a long time, I have to buy it! This was probably one of my favorites.

I bought some shoes and denim short-shorts too (8 RM!), but I'll put that up some other time.
I have such a bad soft spot for all 8th/9th grade-esque pretty things...

Nonetheless, I felt like I should be really bad-butt in Malaysia! And I started wanting to be Asian-hipster (LIKE I DO EVERY YEAR I GO BACK) but I contained myself, and only wore some ripped up jeans. And a black hat, which as it turns out, no one wears hats in 98 degree weather!

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  1. I'm so jealous of all your purchases! They're really cheap-priced (well, it depends how you look at it; compared to a lot of department/designer prices, it's cheap!). I'm especially in love with item #5! and #9. However, I don't really know how to wear sheer things like #9, but they always look so pretty. Sigh!

    Overall, I love your collective haul (in case you didn't know, it's just stuff you bought over a certain amount of time - totaling up to a haul, heh).