Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini mini

I don't usually do posts on cars, but I have such a thing for mini coopers <3 And here are some designer mini coopers! Ce sont beau~ The top is designed by Kenneth Cole, and the bottom is Diane Von Furstenberg's all over lip design. The designers are helping raise money for The Vienna for Life Ball! (images VIA The Vienna for Life Ball)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sned Me Some ChainMail

I just have to say, this is sort of awesome! I would just like the connecting part to be a little looser, you know? This is from ManiaMania's collection, by the way.(VIA StyleBubble)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back in Time

VV Brown's "Back in Time"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes

Forever21's been adding lots of shoes lately - and these ones are the prettiest! The one on the left reminds me of something you could find on Aldo shoes; and the one on the right, I've been looking everywhere for you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Resort '11

Cynthia Rowley Resort '11! I have to admit I wasn't all that caught up in her collections, but I like how bright and playful this one is (look at those prints y'all!). But I love those crazy printed shoes more... I think I've got a thing for shoes now. I like how those three skirts at the end look like you've chopped up a few and stuck them together, in a neat way. Organized mix match! OXYMORON!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Union Square

So after sixteen long years here in the valley, Mama finally took us two to Union Square up in San Francisco (I remembered how to spell this from Cisco Systems; such a nerd!) and it was beautiful! It was crowded with people of course, from the slicked back hair of the Europeans to the cigarette-in-hand, skinny jeans hipsters. There was even a glam old grandmama, her hair in a scarf wrap, and un manteau (a coat)!

1) Here is the three-storied Forever 21 - there isn't much to see here. It's like they took the innards of our regular stores and exploded it over a radius of three floors. More stairs to climb~
2)Here's my twin Phyllis clutching her hat and looking around. I don't know where this is actually. But regarde ca cable car! They're famous for them.
3)She's clutching her hat again. Note, San Francisco wind is very typical.
4) I had to snap up this photo while scurrying across the street; but all the sloping hills are so pretty.
5)More street...
6) THE MOST WONDERFUL H&M EVER! This H&M is two floors tall, and the clothes are crammed into it like organized sardines in a neat can. What was most surprising that things hit the sales rack faster than they do back in San Jose, and they get new shipments everyday. The service is super nice too!

Me: "Thank you!"
Salesperson: "No no, thank you."


It isn't Summer yet, but fall's coming up so soon~ Here is Refinery29's annual fall Fashion Campaign awards, like the "Most Embarassing Example of His and Hers Dressing" and my favorite, the "WHY WON'T YOU MAKE OUT WITH ME" award! Click here!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take My Spine Out

These shoes are from D Squared, headed by a pair of creative twins!  The top image is from Jak and Jil, a streetstyle site, mainly dedicated to shoes, and the bottom is from Sea of Shoes. Aren't the completely mind blowing ?



Alrighty, so I've been going to my grandmama's house very often lately, because she quite frankly has a tv channel that I don't have, with a cute little show I've been caught up in! And who really watches tv with their grandpapa and grandmama? Well I never did, so it was completely mind blowing that we did! Superboy Sea Star (translated as Happy Boy, but I'm not sure why Hunan TV decided to go this way) has some of the cutest potential stars on it~ But of course, like the majority of the female population, I'm only watching it for the SINGING! Hehe.

There are very few white folks on this show (because they don't know chinese!) but there was one in particular that I have to do a piece on! His name is 赵恩世 (Zhao En Shi) but he does have an English name, I just can't find it on their website. (Parce qu'il a de la Californie! [He is from California]) His style is just so interesting, and his clothes are made by his brother, also from California. He did an amazing blown-up-from-the-side  hair, that reminded me ever so slightly of Lady Gaga.(Images VIA Hunan TV)

This fellow is interesting too.. he has the antler head piece. 
This here's one of my favorites. He almost got booted off though.

THIS IS WHAT SUMMER LEADS TO. But I still love you lots Grandmama and Grandpapa.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marc Jacobs Resort '11

Here's my favorite resort collection so far, from Monsieur Marc Jacobs! I love his bowler hats (Je veux un chapeau), and the sort of sixties/seventies vibe his first few looks give off. But my favorite is the nude & coral pink combination of fairy-like lace. Her face is so serious though! The fourth from last black dress is nice too, and I like how he did a side shot to show the poof-ness of the dress in the back. So pretty! But if you walked over a hot air vent... hehe. Aren't the shoes interesting too? Their heel is structural and sort of scallops outwards. Oh, if I could afford this.. (When I win the lottery mama!) Photos courtesy of Style.com

I don't think I'll be doing anything today, but maybe papa will agree to take me vintage shopping.. and we'll eat dim sum or something. I miss all you folks at school already. I never gave you a hug!

Friday, June 11, 2010

June Gloom

For the June gloom out there, now that it's sad sad June. Pourquoi is it sad? School is out, and all us children have nothing to do but mope around in our homes. The Like have us covered!

Boys and Pants

 Yum yum, I like these trousers! Refinery had a very nice watercolor trend alert spread, but I was especially drawn to these trousers; I was looking for some khaki ones (which I used to pronouce KAH-KEE! It's actually pronounced KAE-KEE. Silly moi.) but these are prettier <3 They are Stine Goya, sold on Creatures of Comfort.

Now what do y'all garcons pense à la mode? (think of fashion?) Well, I don't know either, because je suis un fille! Yes, I'm sure I am. But Refinery has some done some hard investigating deep into their minds, and they came out with this, voila: Qu'est-ce que des garçons pensentI think the little boy at the end is especially cute!

Erin Fetherston Resort '11

(Photo VIA Refinery29)
Here's another resort collection for you, Erin Fetherston's. It's not too wild and shiny new, but I do like the hats. (Because I love hats!) 

Anyways, mother and I got in a fight. This was all because the bathroom was a mess, and I heard her saying to my sister, "I know this is all mei mei's (moi), ugh."(it was not all mine, half of it was my sister's) and I heard her saying to my sister that I'm a horrible person because I always get confused about the money I keep with her. All this jibber got me in a bad mood, and so when she asked me finally why the curling iron was on, I said to her that it was for my sister, in a what-do-you-want kind of way,and she raised a comb at me. so I told her she was violent and walked away. And mama decided to whack me some more, because I already thought she was violent anyway! Aw. Now this puts me in a sad spell, and I want to eat 'till the sun goes down! Hehehe, but that would make me fat!


Alrighty children, guess quelle fille I am! This photo was taken by a friend of mine, Ms. Anh Tran, in the yellow, because that's her best color in the whole wide world. We all decided to have a picnic during our short 30 minute lunch, with our Bugles (on our fingers like a witch's!) and our light lemonades (which were soouur!). Ma soeur est ici aussi.(My sister is here too) Well thanks everyone, for the best time being fresh meat.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collaboration with Target!

 Yes! Mulberry is collaborating with Target, due le 10 Octobre this year! Hehe, will this be as mind-exploding as the Alexa Chung bag? (The Cut)


(Image VIA Refinery29)
Regard ce dapper boy! He looks lovely. And I want all those other garcons to be well dressed aussi! (You want to capture all those girlish hearts, don't you?) I was scrolling through Refinery today, well, this was yesterday, and they have come out with a Men's Summer Staples guide, complete with swim shorts to lightweight jackets. Click here to view it!

So today afterschool, I spent a great deal of time down at the donuts shoppe near the corner of the high school avec ma copine, Miss Marguerite! And we had much fun giggling like little school girls (parce que nous somme petites filles) We giggled a bunch and fantasized about our little would-be lives! And before that, we made a trip to Dairy Belle for fried food with Natasha Jashan & Rucha. 'Have to eat all the fried things we can before we get old and fried-food intolerant!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10,000 Lightyears

I am now switching to a new background picture~ 10,000 lightyears is the distance of the Milky Way!
I used to love a story called "Spilt Milk".


Kuku, I'm just on a roll today (a cinnamon roll!) today! Here is Burberry Prorsum's 2011 Resort collection. They've not entirely abandoned their flowy, wrapped, dreamy and draped pieces from the last collection, but this time's is super as well, with more neutral colors and bodycon dresses/pencil skirts. The boys are looking dapper as well (;

1)Burberry's trench coats are still tres migon! (Masculine because un imper is masculine!)
2) More trench coat! (I have a thing for those) I like the nude colored textured skirt peeking out from all the straight, trenchcoat she's got on.
3/4)Shiny shiny bodycon dress. The lines added for textures are bon as well! If I were a boy (Beyonce!)... I would wear that trench coat.
5)What can I say about this? I like the neutral pallete, I suppose. I would stick the top avec a colorful skirt of mine.
6)MIGNON~ I love love parisian stripes.
7)Gosh, I don't know! Her legs are fabulous. But more on les vetements (clothes): The simple silhouette and cut of the neck are nice. The belt adds more detail.

Papa got the large T.V to work! And now I'm staring at so and so's name, wishing they would come speak to me! Hopefully these stares will pop off the page and pierce into their soul soon enough.


(Images VIA Style.com, the home of Vogue)
Bonjour! C'est (It's) Resort Season, and this here is Mr.Alexander Wang's Resort '11 collection. 'Course this is not the whole thing, but a few of my favorites. His collection keeps to simple, clean cuts-I suppose a classic theme of his-without being too boring! The attention to details keeps this cookie from being to bland~ 

1) I like the collared button up! (Parce que [because] tu sais[you know] que[that] j'aime mes buttonups!)
2)Drapey drapey dress, I love thee! Drapes are so goddess-y.
3)Those little bunches/bows of white in the center of the dress are wonderful!
4)Keke, a button up once again, but sleevless, and with a large detail in the center. Those gloves are nice too!
I wanted to where gloves, but I would come off as a little old lady! (My mama calls me this sometimes)
5)Here, the model wheres an oversize cardigan, with a tucked in button up avec des pantalons (trousers). Oui oui, a favorite combination of mine~

Anyway, back to the Valley (silicon valley!) Today I am going to buy cloth for a special someone's birthday present! I'm going to try mes mains (my hands) at creating a bow tie, and maybe a tie aussi!Well, hopefully you don't read this, so my surprise won't be ruined~

Melting like a popsicle. (California Gurls, we'll melt your popsicle!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cookie Bakes

Dis -Bonjour! a Tati Cotliar (say hello to mademoiselle Tati Cotliar), model extraordinaire backstage at a Jason Wu show. This photo was taken for her interview with Miss. Fashionista (her blog here)
But I wanted to point this lovely lady out, because I am particularly en adoreaux avec (in love with) her button up + highwaisted shorts + blazer combination! (Like a spiced up pizza, my favorite is vegetarian combination :) !) Kuku (this laugh goes out to a certain person who I learned it from; this laugh is oracular spectacular! Hehe, it's not like you'll read this) Anywho, love love les button-ups! Perhaps I will do a little 'ol page on them!

Aujourd'hui, I went over to Chez Brandon (a future director/editor extraordinaire~) to help with my sister's english project, a zombiefied Romeo and Juliet, complete with head-exploding action. Some of the fellows I talked to were tres tres cool.

It's hot like a cookie bake here in California. Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dans le Nude

 These are the prettiest camel/nude themed outfits. Now what did that silly magazine say.... "Nude make people guess!" ;) But these are all VIA Mr.Newton (I want to call you Mr.MEWton!), a very nice streetstyle blog. I love my blogs!                


 (Photo taken by Pascal Grob of Fashion Bits and Bobs)
Bonjour! It was about time I did a little post-post pour ce garcon! I love the way he dresses, and if I were boy, I would be plum jealous of this particular one here. I chose to use this picture because I particularily like how he pulls off a motocyclette blouson (motorcycle jacket) without looking to harsh! He keeps his mignon (cute) dapper-boy chic. I hope you don't mind that I used your picture. Les garcons la-bas (excusez-moi, I don't have accents on my computer!) s'il vous plait s'habiller comme lui! (The boys out there, please dress like him!)

Ah, well today was a super day! Jonathan & Natasha made my day aujourd'hui (today) By the way, are you picking up some french yet :)? Anyways, I hung out with some friends at Dairy Bell afterschool to celebrate their acceptances to Supreme Court! And don't worry sis, I'll pay you back soon for that tea!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


 (Images VIA Refinery29)
Tom tom tom tom~ You all know the Tom's brand, I'm sure, and their promise to give one pair of shoes to a needy child for every shoe you buy. I've wanted to buy some, but flats do not compliment a short girl of my stature. (MY STUBBY LEGS ARE HID-EOUS!)  Alors, these espadrille Tom's sont parfait pour moi! (perfect for me) Thank you thank you for giving your shoes some growth pills.Anyways, all this was first discovered while browsing Refinery29's site.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


 Here is Belah's collection, '10-'11. I spied them while scrolling through Style Bubble (Susie Bubble y'all)and aren't they just perfect little satchels? I need a satchel pour l'ecole. By the way, I am italicizing all the french, just in case you scratch your head and wonder what that jibberish is. Anyways, Susie Bubble is a wonder, she throws on stuff and it looks perfectly fancy.

Today was assez bon. Tennis conditioning is hard! So many rules. Cross country was easier last year. Pourquoi am I doing this? I'm not sure.

My meilleur(best) friend in the world would know all the cute boys in the apple de mes yeux(Of my eyes)

Satchel is the name of a dog in the cutest comic comic ever (yes, because of the cat) GET FUZZY.
Well, this isn't the best. But the cat is just so cute <3 The only time I will use these hearts, is for les chats.

Great America

This is California's Great America (The picture was taken from the viewing tower)!
And this here is my formidable foe Drop Tower Scream Zone (known as Drop Zone), I rode it TWICE! It gives me gigantic tummy rumblies. It feels like the tummy rumblies will explode, but they never do! Anyways, the middle cart, and the leg on the very right is my friend Rucha's.
And this pretty lady on the left if Carli, a super happy friend from the 2nd grade. She laughs all the time. The BEAUTIFUL gal on the right is my twin sister. I'm constantly jealous of how pretty she is. AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TWINS.
And here's Rucha getting off Drop zone. She's obviously tired.
And we never got to ride this! When I was little these were the most boring things ever.
Here's the carousel at the entrance; the lower level lives all your cats (YES) dragons, doggies, and whales (etc.), while the horsies are all so stuck up and live en haut.(On top) We rode the horsies.
This is the inside of the viewing tower! We all got tired after our ice creams, so we sat here for 2 turns. We met a nice little tiger-painted girl, who asked for our numbers. The house is a nice little eating shack, but I thought it was so retro, I had to take a picture. TYPICAL AMUSEMENT PARK FOOD. Even McDonald's is expensive.

My sister got a picture of a little boy looking up with an ice cream cone in his hand. MIGNON~