Friday, June 4, 2010

Cookie Bakes

Dis -Bonjour! a Tati Cotliar (say hello to mademoiselle Tati Cotliar), model extraordinaire backstage at a Jason Wu show. This photo was taken for her interview with Miss. Fashionista (her blog here)
But I wanted to point this lovely lady out, because I am particularly en adoreaux avec (in love with) her button up + highwaisted shorts + blazer combination! (Like a spiced up pizza, my favorite is vegetarian combination :) !) Kuku (this laugh goes out to a certain person who I learned it from; this laugh is oracular spectacular! Hehe, it's not like you'll read this) Anywho, love love les button-ups! Perhaps I will do a little 'ol page on them!

Aujourd'hui, I went over to Chez Brandon (a future director/editor extraordinaire~) to help with my sister's english project, a zombiefied Romeo and Juliet, complete with head-exploding action. Some of the fellows I talked to were tres tres cool.

It's hot like a cookie bake here in California. Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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