Monday, May 31, 2010


Alrighty, I'm back from California's Great America, and I am tired. Pictures later!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


By the way, I'm beginning to wonder (always had trouble spelling that word), is this blog layout too hard to follow?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


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(VIA UO Blog)
Urban Outfitters did a piece on Los Angeles based designer Lindsay Butler of Veda, and she makes the head scarf look so nice~ SUPER BELLE! I think head scarfs look so pretty (I'm sorry to any out there, because I don't know the proper name for this pretty thing), but.. I obviously can't wear one. Perhaps Lady Gaga will someday. There's a lovely lady at our school (I apologize for not knowing your name, but I think my sister does) and she works it plus belle que tout les gens! (prettier than everyone else). Anyway anyway, this is pretty, period.

BY THE WAY. Some city/state (I never get these right) in Indonesia, I think,banned tight-fitting clothing. I guess I'm never going there. (can't live without my stockings and jeans/pants). I suppose this cancels out France's ban on the burka.

In Malaysia, bikinis and monokinis aren't allowed anywhere! Unless you go to some hip and happening beach. (Probably in Kuala Lumpur) Someday I'm going to have to blog about Malaysia. (Probably in July 9-August 9, ahem.)

Friday, May 28, 2010


(VIA Refinery29)
As y'all know, I adore Refinery! (There goes that Southern thang) And their lookbooks (I love those too!) are wonderful~ This time it was white dedicated to memorial day! But white is nice for summer too. And Forever21 had a nice little lookbook for that too.

(VIA Forever21)

Work it!

(VIA StyleBubble)

This is Aqua's past collection, although I personally think it's still very, very pretty. All those schlick and body tight cut-outs are nice, but I suppose my head's still stuck in the past and in some flowy pastel thing. Probably. Do you see the t-shirt dress with the giant gold square in the middle? I love that one <3

Today was a bon jour! Elections went well, and my heart exploded inside itself when the lady over the speaker said our little awesome foursome (not in that way) won! Yes yes. Little secretary suits pour moi!
 Afterschool mama and papa took us out to sushi at our friend's little place, Sushi Coast. It's a great little place, I would suggest purchasing their set party trays for a better deal. TRY THE GODZILLA ROLL. It's fried and delish-i-osos.

Later grandmama called and said she had some fresh made mung-bean buns (one of my favoritest things in the world) so we headed on over. She had diet soda & beans too! (Love you for more than your food, g-ma) AND THEN WE WENT TO A SUPERMARKET AND BOUGHT 12 POUNDS OF JAPANESE YAMS. Yum!

Anyways, tennis conditioning later on. Let's see how that goes, hmm?

Some lady on twitter said Clogs were ugly. I say NUH-UH hunny, depends how you work it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Oh, by the way! It has been announced by Gucci Group that Sarah Burton will be taking over the late Mr. Alexander Mcqueen's FASHION EMPIRE. She helped finish his fall collection.

Lace and Everything Nice

(Images VIA Forever21 & American Apparel)
So I'm thinking about buying a lace top, but I can't think of a single spankin' thing to wear with it! (Now I know lace tops may not be the hippest thing at the moment..) I like how the American Apparel (Identified by the modeled shirts) have little scallops in them, parce que j'adore scallops! Eating them too. There's a dim sum place near by that sells $2.00 scallop dumplings. Yum yum.

Campaigning has been all this week, and boy does it poop a girl out. Its hurts a whole bunch too! I mean, little weird stares here and there, but I am particularly whooshy and mushy. So I guess it hurts a little 'ol heart just that little bit more. I'm vying for Secretary too. Now don't we look cute in little secretary outfits?

Okay. Perhaps I wouldn't. I pet my kitty cat all the time, so maybe all the fur he's shedding will give me some magical cat luck. ANYWAYS WOULD YOU LIKE TO VOTE POUR MOI?

I'd like to say that I care super super much about what all everyone thinks (I still need to figure out how to say "everyone" in french), and I really do! Ah. So many complications.

A friend of mine is contemplating suicide. I wish I could tell him how much I WOULD NOT LIKE THAT! Or perhaps I should just say that I would cry if that happened. There is nothing I can do! C'est un chose difficile, n'est pas?

The other day a friend told me I had a southern accent for a bit. Come to think of it, I think I'm reading this little post in one. It used to be British, too!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY: PS I Made This: Fendi Wrap Heel

As little poor children with no jobs, DIY's can go a long way, and Ps I Made this si one of the many sites I love <3 It simplifies projects into a little picture. Anyways, this particular one was made to imitate the nude trend, and Fendi's wrap shoe. Aussi,. Outsapop is a wonderful website too!

Did you know the newspaper is at a 3rd grade reading level, so it's won't be to hard to read?
Oui. C'est vrai~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

(VIA Forever 21)
One of my favorite thing to look at online is lookbooks~ And this particular store just came out with a new one.. and it's sport on. A bit. Similar to Proenza Schouler! (Can I say that?)
Topshop came with a tropical feel-y look book too: CLUB TROPICANA


All these hints, and I hope the sun gets it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I decided to try and take a picture! And it was hard. All that lighting stuff, focusing, glare, etc. - ce n'est pas my forte. But I tried! And I am rather proud that my kitty came and sat in my lap. He's like a leech. I tried to tear him off a couple times, but he comes back. J'adore ca!

Today I wanted to open a cake shop when I'm older; yesterday I wanted to do pasta. And the whole time I wanted to go to college in NY to see the people. But qu'est-ce que je fait?

Monday, May 17, 2010


(VIA Topshop Inside Out Blog, Mini for Many)
I love the cute colors in this <3 A dose of happy before bed~ I spend lots of my time in the dreary afternoons (Hint, hint, Monsieur Soleil, please fix this) scrolling down pages and pages of blogs. Today in particular it was Topshop! They have a little wonderful collection section, with a nice little lookbook.Pour les garcons, il y a Topman~ Please shop there, cute clothes on cute boys are just tasty. 

I would like to draw boy's clothes, but I'm just not to sure what persons of that particular sub-species like. But I adore drawing their little blazers et leurs pantalons! C'est amusant. 

During school I have been bored. I could go for a connection right now. 


Oh, but I still love my friends, of course. 

Mother went shopping with us Sunday, and it was tres amusant. Well, towards the end. We bought Sarsparilla from Marshall's as usual, and mother made her usual buy at Coach (I'm just kidding).. and mother bought us pretty little underclothes~ The highlight of my day! And something else.

If I could, I would take a highlighter and highlight every nook and cranny of a day! It would be tres bright.
(Monsieur Soleil!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Currently I am waiting for papa to come back with the car, so I can go to the mall. I wonder if -3 hours will be enough for H&M. I want their $5 swim wear. Too bad it's all bikinis.
Non. Tu ne veux pas ca!

Alright. So I have a habit of drawing pictures of boys with nice hair <3 I feel like a little stalker with my strange ways. I can't help it sometimes. It makes me bubbly!

Anyways, it makes me sad I can't get one too.
Papa just came back.


(VIA Jak&Jil "Tanned")
Today I will be going to hunt cellos! Fun fun. Are Hermann Meyers nice?
Hier, c'était la fête "CMEAS"! C'était amusant! I chatted with orchestra friends, and playing was iffy.. but I bought sodas. And later we stuffed them into Phyllis's back-pack so mama would not find out~ 

Isn't that bag just so wonderfully equestrian? I never knew that that meant horses, by the way.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai un rendez-vous avec une vieil amie a une heure de l'apres-midi. Nous allons manger à une petit restaurant. :) (Today I have a lunch date with an old friend at 1:00; we're going to eat at a small restaurant) And perhaps we'll have to go shopping later~ (Hint, mother)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Looking Glass: Le 12 Mai

 (VIA Street Peeper "Studded Collar")
I love love love what this fellow is wearing. Dapper boys <3 If I was a boy..

I've finished my bug project! A giant weighted bug has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel wonderful~
But I can't help but have an urge to catch a bug when I see it. Like a certain wonderfully big beetle I saw today.

I had a pleasant chat avec ma soeur aujourd'hui, about the planets and life on mars and the universe.. et we agree, boys are a pleasant subspecies to talk about.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking Glass: Le 8 Mai

Some pictures from my reader I just love <3 Like this one! It was taken by Jak&Jil's Tommy Ton, from his "Designer to Watch", Dion Lee. IT'S SO PRETTY.

Today is the CSF car wash; but mother said I couldn't go, because when she thinks if "car wash" she thinks of topless girls giving car washes to pervs. AND I WAS GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM. I'm just kidding. I was going to be a fully clothed sign holder.

Mother's day tomorrow, and I have to go to KFC to buy mom grilled chicken. Maybe some diamond earrings too. Not from KFC.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Cats that show up by the click <3 Complete with cat sounds too!
This is where I'll be on my Sunday afternoons :)

Bug catching is almost due~ The other day I was snooping around my backyard, hunting little bugs, and I saw a pretty printed insect glued to a leaf.. so I plied it off and stuck it in my kill jar. It proceded to squirm and squish,
like a caterpillar! Caterpillars frightened me, so I ran off, abandoning my lonely net outside.

My diary is almost full.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone's getting older

What horrible shaking pictures. I think Kitty realized I was taking pictures and got irritated. It was his birthday a couple days ago, the 24th! But I didn't realize until Rucha told me the next day. I'm such a wonderful owner.

Yesterday, we went to Ruskin to help Natasha with her drawings! (Coloring duty!) and we went fabric shopping.. then to Costco for 52 cent sodas. Afterwards we hung out in the multipurpose room, coloring and chatting about lots of things.

Today is my cousin's birthday party. It seems like we have one every week. So so many little children.
My grandma and grandpa are like head honchos of a mob. But we aren't Italian.

Later going to Target. Maybe the Jean-Paul Gaultier trench ($44 on sale) will still be there?