Friday, May 28, 2010

Work it!

(VIA StyleBubble)

This is Aqua's past collection, although I personally think it's still very, very pretty. All those schlick and body tight cut-outs are nice, but I suppose my head's still stuck in the past and in some flowy pastel thing. Probably. Do you see the t-shirt dress with the giant gold square in the middle? I love that one <3

Today was a bon jour! Elections went well, and my heart exploded inside itself when the lady over the speaker said our little awesome foursome (not in that way) won! Yes yes. Little secretary suits pour moi!
 Afterschool mama and papa took us out to sushi at our friend's little place, Sushi Coast. It's a great little place, I would suggest purchasing their set party trays for a better deal. TRY THE GODZILLA ROLL. It's fried and delish-i-osos.

Later grandmama called and said she had some fresh made mung-bean buns (one of my favoritest things in the world) so we headed on over. She had diet soda & beans too! (Love you for more than your food, g-ma) AND THEN WE WENT TO A SUPERMARKET AND BOUGHT 12 POUNDS OF JAPANESE YAMS. Yum!

Anyways, tennis conditioning later on. Let's see how that goes, hmm?

Some lady on twitter said Clogs were ugly. I say NUH-UH hunny, depends how you work it!

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