Saturday, May 29, 2010


(VIA UO Blog)
Urban Outfitters did a piece on Los Angeles based designer Lindsay Butler of Veda, and she makes the head scarf look so nice~ SUPER BELLE! I think head scarfs look so pretty (I'm sorry to any out there, because I don't know the proper name for this pretty thing), but.. I obviously can't wear one. Perhaps Lady Gaga will someday. There's a lovely lady at our school (I apologize for not knowing your name, but I think my sister does) and she works it plus belle que tout les gens! (prettier than everyone else). Anyway anyway, this is pretty, period.

BY THE WAY. Some city/state (I never get these right) in Indonesia, I think,banned tight-fitting clothing. I guess I'm never going there. (can't live without my stockings and jeans/pants). I suppose this cancels out France's ban on the burka.

In Malaysia, bikinis and monokinis aren't allowed anywhere! Unless you go to some hip and happening beach. (Probably in Kuala Lumpur) Someday I'm going to have to blog about Malaysia. (Probably in July 9-August 9, ahem.)

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  1. Whoops, I forgot to say, now doesn't this highlight their eyes so prettily?