Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lace and Everything Nice

(Images VIA Forever21 & American Apparel)
So I'm thinking about buying a lace top, but I can't think of a single spankin' thing to wear with it! (Now I know lace tops may not be the hippest thing at the moment..) I like how the American Apparel (Identified by the modeled shirts) have little scallops in them, parce que j'adore scallops! Eating them too. There's a dim sum place near by that sells $2.00 scallop dumplings. Yum yum.

Campaigning has been all this week, and boy does it poop a girl out. Its hurts a whole bunch too! I mean, little weird stares here and there, but I am particularly whooshy and mushy. So I guess it hurts a little 'ol heart just that little bit more. I'm vying for Secretary too. Now don't we look cute in little secretary outfits?

Okay. Perhaps I wouldn't. I pet my kitty cat all the time, so maybe all the fur he's shedding will give me some magical cat luck. ANYWAYS WOULD YOU LIKE TO VOTE POUR MOI?

I'd like to say that I care super super much about what all everyone thinks (I still need to figure out how to say "everyone" in french), and I really do! Ah. So many complications.

A friend of mine is contemplating suicide. I wish I could tell him how much I WOULD NOT LIKE THAT! Or perhaps I should just say that I would cry if that happened. There is nothing I can do! C'est un chose difficile, n'est pas?

The other day a friend told me I had a southern accent for a bit. Come to think of it, I think I'm reading this little post in one. It used to be British, too!

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