Monday, May 17, 2010


(VIA Topshop Inside Out Blog, Mini for Many)
I love the cute colors in this <3 A dose of happy before bed~ I spend lots of my time in the dreary afternoons (Hint, hint, Monsieur Soleil, please fix this) scrolling down pages and pages of blogs. Today in particular it was Topshop! They have a little wonderful collection section, with a nice little lookbook.Pour les garcons, il y a Topman~ Please shop there, cute clothes on cute boys are just tasty. 

I would like to draw boy's clothes, but I'm just not to sure what persons of that particular sub-species like. But I adore drawing their little blazers et leurs pantalons! C'est amusant. 

During school I have been bored. I could go for a connection right now. 


Oh, but I still love my friends, of course. 

Mother went shopping with us Sunday, and it was tres amusant. Well, towards the end. We bought Sarsparilla from Marshall's as usual, and mother made her usual buy at Coach (I'm just kidding).. and mother bought us pretty little underclothes~ The highlight of my day! And something else.

If I could, I would take a highlighter and highlight every nook and cranny of a day! It would be tres bright.
(Monsieur Soleil!)

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