Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Learn Something Everyday

Paul & Joe's Cat Lipstick

My insatiable love for cats tells me I should buy this lipstick.

Fall 2010: Corey Lynn Calter

The Cut (NY mag's fashion blog) recently featured Corey Lynn Calter, and being the no0b (yes, it is spelled that way), I didn't know who she is, and being a super sleuth, I look her up. And I absolutely love her designs! These photos are from her Winter 2010 collection, but I loved her Fall 2010 lookbook; unfortunately those pictures couldn't be posted. Click here to view them! Ms. Calter is also designing a one-of-a-kind dress for Target, due out in the fall.(Images thanks to CLC)

Here are a few pieces from her pre-fall collection:

Refinery29's San Francisco Streetstye Event

I love streetstyle blogs, comme le Sartorialist (like the Sartorialist) et Jak&Jil - but it would be great to be featured, no? So Refinery29 has come out with their San Francisco Streetstyle Event to collect streetstyle from the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of the Bay Area, and more from the rest of le monde! Click here. (Don't y'all want to be snapped up!?)

It hits so close to home, California Gurls!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dolce Vita x Target

I haven't really taken a look at Target's shoes since their Cynthia Vincent collaboration, but in honor of Target's new Harlem location, Dolce Vita has created a set of shoes made specially for sale at their new location. But never fear! It's being sold online too. [Image via Nitrolicious]

Vikto&Rolf x Simpsons

Viktor&Rolf, Simpsons style! They look quite cute; I found this on Twitter. Yes, j'ai un twitter. (I have a twitter!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scarlett Johanson x Esquire

Scarlett Johanson recently did a spread for all those boys out there reading Esquire magazine, embodying some pretty little 50's housewife. I have to say, I love her hair! And jeeaaloous! The spread was snapped by Sheryl Nields, via Need Supply Co.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Siren Music Festival

Coney Island's Siren Music Festival 2010 occurred not too long ago; I couldn't go, of course, unless I had the time machine from Fringe (of which I've watched half a season!), parce que je suis en Malaysia! But Hannah Thomson of did, and was snapping pictures along the way. These are a few of my favorite street fellows among the many here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

UO Contest

Giving rise to the current haul blog trend, Urban Outfitters has started a new contest dedicated to all the haul bloggers out there. Go get your shopping shoes, children, and tell UO about everything you've bought.

Suitcase Smugglers

These suitcase stickers offer a little peek into the goodies you're sneaking across the border. The pretty little flight attendant sticker on your suitcase could be the perfect distraction you need to smuggle your newly bought mail-order wife back home. Buy one at the! This article was brought to my attention by the Daily What VIA tumblr.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hanneli Mustaparta's pictures are extremely pretty, comme ce photograph! They look sort of raw and effortless, which I like, and beautiful at the same time. I love her outfit too, of course! I'm searching tout le monde (all the world) pour the parfait (perfect) pair of khakis.. short or not.

My take:
Blue mascara. Oui, je ne sais pas ou j'ai allé avec ça. (Yes, I don't know where I was going with that...)

By the way, copycats here in Malaysia have gone as far as to market fake M.A.C cosmetics. Well, mascara is $30. And when all people can see is your face, (burkas) wouldn't you want to be the prettiest pair of eyes anyone yonder did ever see?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Brian Lichtenberg x Forever 21

Je sais, je sais, (I know, I know) that I shouldn't blog about Forever 21 so much, the chameleon copycat store; but Brian Lichtenberg is big! The designer who previously designed for Lady Gaga (remember her caution tape outfit from "Telephone"?) is collaborating with Forever 21 on numerous bold and printed shirts, set to be released August 13.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Don't y'all know what the hottest trend for fall 2010 is? It's the ever so luxurious cat! Don't have one? C'est d'accord! Remember that dark alley way by 7-11? Get one there! Get one off the streets. Steal your annoying teeny-bopper neighbor's. Grab all the kitties you can y'all, before all the fashionable fellows cat-nap them all. And remember children, I knew them way before they were mainstream.

 (VIA Refinery29)
Yes, cats are so cool and hipster.

By the way, did you folks all catch that I was kidding? (;

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Youth in Revolt

Recently I watch Youth in Revolt starring Michael Cera (le favourite de ma soeur!), and in it, he plays a goody-goody Nick Twisp, who invents an alter persona, the french bad-but boy named Francois Dillinger to impress a lady friend. (excuse the horrible picture making.) I wish this picture would show you his feet! Because I liked his ankle length pants and dapper shoes. I especially liked his last outfit, a blazer, khakis, and a red tie. BUT YOU SHOULD SEE HIS FEET! Here's moi going on about boy's clothes, when I really should be going on about girl's clothes, non?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stomp stomp

Above are Asos's clog ($135) and Jeffrey Campbell's ($150) respectively. And here is Forever21's new clog:
Ils sont $24.80! (They are $24.80!) It's not that bad, but I suppose quality wise, they wouldn't be too superb. But quallity control isn't my forte, and quantity over quality.. or is it the other way around? (;

 I want to wear clogs, but 1. Les hommes pense qu'ils sont moches. (The boys think they are ugly!) and 2. I'm tired of hearing snickers over my shoulders! And not the ones you can eat. I wish it were those, then at least I wouldn't be hungry and insulted.

We're not in Kansas anymore!

The day before yesterday, the family headed out to a Thai dinner, which the idea of je n'ai pas aimé (I did not like) at first! But then they informed us it was a themed restaurant. It was pretty! My sister and I played on the slide thing, it was fun. But it's hard climbing things in heels, you know? The food was bon and karaoke blared from the room downstairs. We sat on the upper deck, where I played bait to mosquitos. The zapper was going off every second! And now I have 17 mosquito bites. SEVENTEEN! So all you foreigners, opt for the air conditioned room downstairs instead.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen Cruise 2011

This is Ms. Sarah Burton's first women's wear collection for the Alexander McQueen label since Mr. McQueen's death, and it's really rather good. I think she embodies some McQueen-ness, non? I like the large voluminous dresses and her two piece outfits. Someday, someday... I will have one! (VIA 80's Purple & Fashionologie)