Monday, July 12, 2010

Stomp stomp

Above are Asos's clog ($135) and Jeffrey Campbell's ($150) respectively. And here is Forever21's new clog:
Ils sont $24.80! (They are $24.80!) It's not that bad, but I suppose quality wise, they wouldn't be too superb. But quallity control isn't my forte, and quantity over quality.. or is it the other way around? (;

 I want to wear clogs, but 1. Les hommes pense qu'ils sont moches. (The boys think they are ugly!) and 2. I'm tired of hearing snickers over my shoulders! And not the ones you can eat. I wish it were those, then at least I wouldn't be hungry and insulted.


  1. the phrase is "quality over quantity."

    haha i'd rather pay for the expensive ones myself.

  2. I have those forever21 clogs. they're super comfortable! if you want more comfort you should just buy those gel pads to stick in your shoes but other then that i love them!