Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday, my mama took us for a surprise trip to Sausalito, the prettiest little town outside San Francisco! It was pretty hot yesterday, so we popped into a quaint ice cream shop, that was extremely popular. Kona Almond ice cream is yuuuum. We proceeded to to explore the little town, but mama wanted to see the sea, comme beaucoup des personnes âgées (like most old people; my mom isn't actually old. She's "35") Instead, sis and I people-watched. Like animal watching, but with people! We passed a lovely candy shop selling salt water taffies, and took a short break at a Starbucks, taking the picture you see of pops and mama. I got PASSION TEA! Which tastes like passion fruit. We also passed a cute shop, similar to a Fred Flare shop, if we had one here on the west coast. The day ended with a trip to the Falafel Drive In on West San Carlos (AN AWESOME STREET!), which was featured on numerous television shows. Yum.

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