Monday, August 8, 2011

NEIVS Stacked Rings

♥♥♥♥These are so cool, NEIVZ does jewelry reminiscent of  plastic pink childhoods.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thrift Shop Finds

My Granny Boots (from left to right): 1. Army Green ($1.75) 2. Jet Black ($1.00) 3. Brown ($4.00)

My bootifulicious cat  ♥ (he's like, 48 in human years)
Front Tie Shirt ($2.00) The friends of my dead threads litter the ground around it..
White Eagle Earring (Selling for $10)
The thrift shop that I "work" (volunteer for discounts and free donutsssss) at has these really nice 50% everything and clothing sales once in a while, and I take advantage of them fully~ I found the granny boots there, except the brown one which was purchased from a local Goodwill. The red top I will wear while I bike around in my flat-tired bike which I will attach a basket to, me and the cat are going to go on adventures
in my red tie top.

And the white feather earring I made for my shop that I handle with my sister called Shangrilala, in caase y'all didn't know, Shangrila is a place in China/Nepal that is a "place away from earth" and we added the -la for more effect.