Wednesday, June 27, 2012

guy stuff

Was looking through refinery29 today since it's a slower afternoon- lookit these cool duds!! American flag shorts are so popular with closet chicks/boppers..but these shoes are the coolest. And the cambridge bag reminds me of tikis, kinda looks like grass but THOSE COLORS


Monday, June 25, 2012

things i like but will never get

because i am cheap

adventure time

my legs aren't this long, it's the mirror

Went on my first ever long biking trip today! I threw on my trusted shorts and a lace top; I couldn't find my more retro-fitting one. I wish you could wear skirts while biking, I have so many more skirts..
charlie wearing the hawaiian print shirt I got him
We biked to Milpitas's Kopitiam to eat, the closest singaporean/malaysian/down home food to mi casa, and we ordered roti and fries.
personalised half half sweet potato + curly
and we got kopi! (coffee)

twin + me
the pretty one and the derpy one

We biked from Milpitas to San Jose again to go to DD's Discounts and Dollar Tree, where I bought a flamingo and matching pineapple drink holders:


dunanananana BATMAN

lazy oaf x Batman! Look at that crop tee "_____" And the bat tee...I love batman, can't wait for this to  come out!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

motel rocks sale



Motel rocks finally had a sale on the becka mouuntain print skirt *o*

june bug

running shorts ♥♥

short pixies

blond hair, denim blues

ughh look at that neat pixie ♥♥ wanna get one someday but the risk of regret is so high

Tailored blouses "_____"
June has been kind, with such a kickbutt music camp week; I hear strings playing in the wind lol. Here's stuff that caught my fancy on

Friday, June 22, 2012

Memento Nori

I started an ootd blog! The pics are bad resolution..but it's the outfits that count right?!
It means
(I ate last night)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OOTD - 6/19

I am wearing my thrifted hawaiian print tie-up tope with my highwaisted tulip'd shorts, + my platform flats I got from H&M recently! I'm all decked out and ready to play cello in the heat, lol.

Excuse the messy room

Monday, June 18, 2012

Selling at Black and Brown

 Wearing the AA skirt with my docs

I sold for the very first time at black and brown vintage/consignment! ♥♥ it was all in all a nice experience, b/c I sold the majority of my things, + one skirt they told me to mend and bring back. I made $53! ^^ I got these pretty things and a hawaiian shirt w/ chevys on it for Charlie, which I unfortunately left at camp today ;.;  hopefully I get it back!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Shoo-shoe fly

My shoe collection ♥♥

"Flatforms" a la Fashion Citizen (from Love Culture, $13.00)

$20 Platform Wedges from H&M

saaaaaaaaaaaale ♥♥
I decided to take a pic of my shoes, I wear my docs the most though. I moved them to my room ♥♥, y'all will see a tour soon. I love the black wedge/platforms because they're summer-y, not too high maintenance looking, while still giving a shorty like me some height! They were on sale for $20 ♥

Thursday, June 14, 2012

♥♥Inexpensive Levi's♥♥

UO has these Levi's501 shorts going at $4.99! They come in 4 colors too ♥♥ if I wore shorts I would get em, but alas I am a skirt-y chick..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pops has been dropping us off at the mall alot for "excercise" because all me and my sis do is sit at home and watch dramas all day. Look at all the stuff I've been buying... first I got these MIA wooden platforms for $19.99! It wasn't in the sale section, but in the normal shoes aisle, so I had to ask the lady to find them for me. I got them in size 7. Next I purchased a beaded barrette for $4.99 + 30% off! I loved the colors of it against my brown hair. That morning my pleated maxi also came in, and it was pretty nice for china wholesale. I wore it that day w/ a white tank and black platforms. Lastly MCSL closet dropped off two skirts with me, and I got this pastel Kimchi Blue pencil skirt with zipper detailing. I liked it because it had a pastel floral print, instead of a normal bright, springy feel! ^^