Monday, June 25, 2012

adventure time

my legs aren't this long, it's the mirror

Went on my first ever long biking trip today! I threw on my trusted shorts and a lace top; I couldn't find my more retro-fitting one. I wish you could wear skirts while biking, I have so many more skirts..
charlie wearing the hawaiian print shirt I got him
We biked to Milpitas's Kopitiam to eat, the closest singaporean/malaysian/down home food to mi casa, and we ordered roti and fries.
personalised half half sweet potato + curly
and we got kopi! (coffee)

twin + me
the pretty one and the derpy one

We biked from Milpitas to San Jose again to go to DD's Discounts and Dollar Tree, where I bought a flamingo and matching pineapple drink holders:


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