Saturday, December 31, 2011

STYLENANDA♥♥ is a cute shop from Korea that I totally fell in love with these past few days ♥♥ Their price range is about $50-80 for a cardigan and $30 jeans, but they have a nandamade selection that runs a bit cheaper. I think their models are so cute ♥

Select styles from Stylenanda (photos courtesy of
 These are a few of their items I love! My favourite is their combat boots with the block heels, and I like the skinny slacks too. They offer a huge selection of high waisted jeans in a bunch of colours ♥ Their website also has a little section of celebrities caught wearing their duds, and I spent like an hour checking through it to see which ones I knew; most of them are korean celebrities but they look cute ♥ StylenNanda also has their own beauty line called 3 Concept Eyes that boasts shimmer sticks, mascaras, eyeliners and more, including a quirky thing called eyebrow mascara! 

They also have a blog whose hair tutorials I love ♥
A piece from their blog

And omg, their models are the cutest things ever. One named Kim Sohee uploads looks onto lookbook:

Saturday, December 24, 2011


When we went down south for FIDM camp, I wanted to stop by Solvang so on our way back we made a quick stop for dinner. It's kind of like mini disneyland, or the dutch portion of it if disneyland had a european section...We ate dinner really quick at a dutch restaurant (and had some pickled herring) and then we were on our way. I think I contracted a bacterial infection here but I'm really not too sure. Wash your hands!

diy elbow pads


Faux Suede (from Walmart)

Old Sweater (from H&M)

Original No-Sew Glue

1. Cut out elbow pad shapes, first cut out rectangle and then round out the edges

2. Glue elbow pad onto elbow area, make sure the sleeve lays flat without any wrinkles   

3. Fold sweater in half so that sleeves lie on top of each other. Position the 2nd elbow pad so that it is aligned with the 1st. Make sure there are no wrinkles! Glue it down.

Now just wait for it to dry! I made this with one of my old light pink sweaters that I kind of neglect, but maybe I'll wear it now, mhm.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

♥ AA Highwaisted Copper Skirt

American Apparel is almost finished with their flash sale ♥♥ At first I thought a copper metallic short skirt would be all strippery but this chick looks so cute in it omg ♥♥

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outfit - 11/29/11

I got my velvet green dress for $2.25 ♥♥ THRIFT SHOPPIN YALLL

Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Denim Bows

After I got the $9 bow at american apparel I was like mannn I can make this thing, so I got to work making denim bows with left over scraps! I told Phyllis they were made with the blood of a thousand levis

If y'all want one just comment with your address! I don't have any readers anyways ;.;


Black Friday + Other Buys

(1. Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in Cranberry $7, 2. Creme Collared Silk Tee $11, 3. Red Bow $9, 4. Denim demi-corset $7.80, 5. Forest Green Unisex Cardigan $12)

(H&M Conscious Collection Pleated Dress $9.95, Pink Sparkle Wallet $4)

Chunky Heeled Pumps $15

Hi y'all ♥♥
I had a nice black friday. Mams isn't here and pops has always been too lazy to take us black friday shopping but this year he wanted to walk off some pounds we went to Gilroy Outlets at 2 pm armed with our Group American Apparel gift cards ^^ ($25 for $50) I ended up grabbing the charmeuse jacket and  collared tee, but it turned out the jacket was $11 not $27, so I had to grab something real quick and picked up the cardigan. I ended up lovin' it though ♥ With the coupon my total came to about $30 for the three things.
The rest of the stuff I got before black friday, and that includes the shoes, the dress and the sparkle wallet. After I bought it it left sparkles all over my bag. I love the dress to death but I haveta call in the crew to zip me up into it (aka Phyllis) and everytime I do she says I got too fat for it, mannnn

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tucker Blair x Opening Ceremony

Okay, I know this is old but they be so boootiful

Fall Buys

Ethnic Print Bucket Bag

Canvas Mini Bag

Toggle Varsity Jacket

Mustard Peter Pan Collared BDG Varsity Jacket

Mustard Chunky Knit Sweater


For fall I think I went a little cray crayola on buying outerwear..I think there's more besides this. The first bag my sis found at the thrift store, and we bought this denim jacket along with it for 4 dollars. The other one is a BDG bag we traded Mymy for
She's at college so we had to go to her house while her family was eating dinner and search through her room for it..and after we were done her pops invited us for dinner but we said no and I put on my ghetto hood and walked out because...
I was wearing my toggle coat! I like having a hood because it protects my precious lumps of hair. I wanted to get a red toggle coat but that just didn't work out so now I have my varsity toggle hybrid while I stare at phyllis's beautiful red toggle coat.  I'm going to buy x-men patches and put 'em on.
Me and Phyllis also traded for the BDG jacket, I think it was $20, but it used to be $98. This chick we traded with was a middle schooler who threatened to charge more if we were late, but Phyllis did her special shoot people down thing, which I don't have ;.;

The last sweater is a mustard sweater I got at Forever21 for $14.50, at first I got a large because I swear that thing said "s" but it was an "L" It looks cute with this heart print pencil skirt I got at cotton on ♥♥♥♥

Je suis such a schoolgurl gaise