Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday + Other Buys

(1. Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in Cranberry $7, 2. Creme Collared Silk Tee $11, 3. Red Bow $9, 4. Denim demi-corset $7.80, 5. Forest Green Unisex Cardigan $12)

(H&M Conscious Collection Pleated Dress $9.95, Pink Sparkle Wallet $4)

Chunky Heeled Pumps $15

Hi y'all ♥♥
I had a nice black friday. Mams isn't here and pops has always been too lazy to take us black friday shopping but this year he wanted to walk off some pounds we went to Gilroy Outlets at 2 pm armed with our Group American Apparel gift cards ^^ ($25 for $50) I ended up grabbing the charmeuse jacket and  collared tee, but it turned out the jacket was $11 not $27, so I had to grab something real quick and picked up the cardigan. I ended up lovin' it though ♥ With the coupon my total came to about $30 for the three things.
The rest of the stuff I got before black friday, and that includes the shoes, the dress and the sparkle wallet. After I bought it it left sparkles all over my bag. I love the dress to death but I haveta call in the crew to zip me up into it (aka Phyllis) and everytime I do she says I got too fat for it, mannnn

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