Saturday, December 31, 2011

STYLENANDA♥♥ is a cute shop from Korea that I totally fell in love with these past few days ♥♥ Their price range is about $50-80 for a cardigan and $30 jeans, but they have a nandamade selection that runs a bit cheaper. I think their models are so cute ♥

Select styles from Stylenanda (photos courtesy of
 These are a few of their items I love! My favourite is their combat boots with the block heels, and I like the skinny slacks too. They offer a huge selection of high waisted jeans in a bunch of colours ♥ Their website also has a little section of celebrities caught wearing their duds, and I spent like an hour checking through it to see which ones I knew; most of them are korean celebrities but they look cute ♥ StylenNanda also has their own beauty line called 3 Concept Eyes that boasts shimmer sticks, mascaras, eyeliners and more, including a quirky thing called eyebrow mascara! 

They also have a blog whose hair tutorials I love ♥
A piece from their blog

And omg, their models are the cutest things ever. One named Kim Sohee uploads looks onto lookbook:

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