Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Buys

Ethnic Print Bucket Bag

Canvas Mini Bag

Toggle Varsity Jacket

Mustard Peter Pan Collared BDG Varsity Jacket

Mustard Chunky Knit Sweater


For fall I think I went a little cray crayola on buying outerwear..I think there's more besides this. The first bag my sis found at the thrift store, and we bought this denim jacket along with it for 4 dollars. The other one is a BDG bag we traded Mymy for
She's at college so we had to go to her house while her family was eating dinner and search through her room for it..and after we were done her pops invited us for dinner but we said no and I put on my ghetto hood and walked out because...
I was wearing my toggle coat! I like having a hood because it protects my precious lumps of hair. I wanted to get a red toggle coat but that just didn't work out so now I have my varsity toggle hybrid while I stare at phyllis's beautiful red toggle coat.  I'm going to buy x-men patches and put 'em on.
Me and Phyllis also traded for the BDG jacket, I think it was $20, but it used to be $98. This chick we traded with was a middle schooler who threatened to charge more if we were late, but Phyllis did her special shoot people down thing, which I don't have ;.;

The last sweater is a mustard sweater I got at Forever21 for $14.50, at first I got a large because I swear that thing said "s" but it was an "L" It looks cute with this heart print pencil skirt I got at cotton on ♥♥♥♥

Je suis such a schoolgurl gaise

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  1. First of all, love your blog!
    Second, I have a rather strange question to ask... 3 weeks ago, my Peter Pan Collared BDG Varsity Jacket got stolen at a party. I admit, I cried at the police station reporting it. It was my favourite jacket! Is there any chance you dont like it as much as I do and want to sell it to me? I know its a strange question, but a girl can ask, can't she?
    I'm hoping to make you an offer you can't refuse... please mail me at

    Love and jacketless greetings,