Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone's getting older

What horrible shaking pictures. I think Kitty realized I was taking pictures and got irritated. It was his birthday a couple days ago, the 24th! But I didn't realize until Rucha told me the next day. I'm such a wonderful owner.

Yesterday, we went to Ruskin to help Natasha with her drawings! (Coloring duty!) and we went fabric shopping.. then to Costco for 52 cent sodas. Afterwards we hung out in the multipurpose room, coloring and chatting about lots of things.

Today is my cousin's birthday party. It seems like we have one every week. So so many little children.
My grandma and grandpa are like head honchos of a mob. But we aren't Italian.

Later going to Target. Maybe the Jean-Paul Gaultier trench ($44 on sale) will still be there?

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