Friday, June 11, 2010

Erin Fetherston Resort '11

(Photo VIA Refinery29)
Here's another resort collection for you, Erin Fetherston's. It's not too wild and shiny new, but I do like the hats. (Because I love hats!) 

Anyways, mother and I got in a fight. This was all because the bathroom was a mess, and I heard her saying to my sister, "I know this is all mei mei's (moi), ugh."(it was not all mine, half of it was my sister's) and I heard her saying to my sister that I'm a horrible person because I always get confused about the money I keep with her. All this jibber got me in a bad mood, and so when she asked me finally why the curling iron was on, I said to her that it was for my sister, in a what-do-you-want kind of way,and she raised a comb at me. so I told her she was violent and walked away. And mama decided to whack me some more, because I already thought she was violent anyway! Aw. Now this puts me in a sad spell, and I want to eat 'till the sun goes down! Hehehe, but that would make me fat!

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