Friday, June 11, 2010

Boys and Pants

 Yum yum, I like these trousers! Refinery had a very nice watercolor trend alert spread, but I was especially drawn to these trousers; I was looking for some khaki ones (which I used to pronouce KAH-KEE! It's actually pronounced KAE-KEE. Silly moi.) but these are prettier <3 They are Stine Goya, sold on Creatures of Comfort.

Now what do y'all garcons pense à la mode? (think of fashion?) Well, I don't know either, because je suis un fille! Yes, I'm sure I am. But Refinery has some done some hard investigating deep into their minds, and they came out with this, voila: Qu'est-ce que des garçons pensentI think the little boy at the end is especially cute!

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