Thursday, June 3, 2010


 (Photo taken by Pascal Grob of Fashion Bits and Bobs)
Bonjour! It was about time I did a little post-post pour ce garcon! I love the way he dresses, and if I were boy, I would be plum jealous of this particular one here. I chose to use this picture because I particularily like how he pulls off a motocyclette blouson (motorcycle jacket) without looking to harsh! He keeps his mignon (cute) dapper-boy chic. I hope you don't mind that I used your picture. Les garcons la-bas (excusez-moi, I don't have accents on my computer!) s'il vous plait s'habiller comme lui! (The boys out there, please dress like him!)

Ah, well today was a super day! Jonathan & Natasha made my day aujourd'hui (today) By the way, are you picking up some french yet :)? Anyways, I hung out with some friends at Dairy Bell afterschool to celebrate their acceptances to Supreme Court! And don't worry sis, I'll pay you back soon for that tea!

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