Tuesday, June 1, 2010


 Here is Belah's collection, '10-'11. I spied them while scrolling through Style Bubble (Susie Bubble y'all)and aren't they just perfect little satchels? I need a satchel pour l'ecole. By the way, I am italicizing all the french, just in case you scratch your head and wonder what that jibberish is. Anyways, Susie Bubble is a wonder, she throws on stuff and it looks perfectly fancy.

Today was assez bon. Tennis conditioning is hard! So many rules. Cross country was easier last year. Pourquoi am I doing this? I'm not sure.

My meilleur(best) friend in the world would know all the cute boys in the apple de mes yeux(Of my eyes)

Satchel is the name of a dog in the cutest comic comic ever (yes, because of the cat) GET FUZZY.
Well, this isn't the best. But the cat is just so cute <3 The only time I will use these hearts, is for les chats.

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