Sunday, June 13, 2010



Alrighty, so I've been going to my grandmama's house very often lately, because she quite frankly has a tv channel that I don't have, with a cute little show I've been caught up in! And who really watches tv with their grandpapa and grandmama? Well I never did, so it was completely mind blowing that we did! Superboy Sea Star (translated as Happy Boy, but I'm not sure why Hunan TV decided to go this way) has some of the cutest potential stars on it~ But of course, like the majority of the female population, I'm only watching it for the SINGING! Hehe.

There are very few white folks on this show (because they don't know chinese!) but there was one in particular that I have to do a piece on! His name is 赵恩世 (Zhao En Shi) but he does have an English name, I just can't find it on their website. (Parce qu'il a de la Californie! [He is from California]) His style is just so interesting, and his clothes are made by his brother, also from California. He did an amazing blown-up-from-the-side  hair, that reminded me ever so slightly of Lady Gaga.(Images VIA Hunan TV)

This fellow is interesting too.. he has the antler head piece. 
This here's one of my favorites. He almost got booted off though.

THIS IS WHAT SUMMER LEADS TO. But I still love you lots Grandmama and Grandpapa.

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  1. Zhao En Shi's english name is Michael Ryan. His brother Cris Ryan designs and makes his outfits and his hair too.

    They're from San Diego. :)