Wednesday, June 9, 2010


(Image VIA Refinery29)
Regard ce dapper boy! He looks lovely. And I want all those other garcons to be well dressed aussi! (You want to capture all those girlish hearts, don't you?) I was scrolling through Refinery today, well, this was yesterday, and they have come out with a Men's Summer Staples guide, complete with swim shorts to lightweight jackets. Click here to view it!

So today afterschool, I spent a great deal of time down at the donuts shoppe near the corner of the high school avec ma copine, Miss Marguerite! And we had much fun giggling like little school girls (parce que nous somme petites filles) We giggled a bunch and fantasized about our little would-be lives! And before that, we made a trip to Dairy Belle for fried food with Natasha Jashan & Rucha. 'Have to eat all the fried things we can before we get old and fried-food intolerant!

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