Saturday, June 5, 2010


Kuku, I'm just on a roll today (a cinnamon roll!) today! Here is Burberry Prorsum's 2011 Resort collection. They've not entirely abandoned their flowy, wrapped, dreamy and draped pieces from the last collection, but this time's is super as well, with more neutral colors and bodycon dresses/pencil skirts. The boys are looking dapper as well (;

1)Burberry's trench coats are still tres migon! (Masculine because un imper is masculine!)
2) More trench coat! (I have a thing for those) I like the nude colored textured skirt peeking out from all the straight, trenchcoat she's got on.
3/4)Shiny shiny bodycon dress. The lines added for textures are bon as well! If I were a boy (Beyonce!)... I would wear that trench coat.
5)What can I say about this? I like the neutral pallete, I suppose. I would stick the top avec a colorful skirt of mine.
6)MIGNON~ I love love parisian stripes.
7)Gosh, I don't know! Her legs are fabulous. But more on les vetements (clothes): The simple silhouette and cut of the neck are nice. The belt adds more detail.

Papa got the large T.V to work! And now I'm staring at so and so's name, wishing they would come speak to me! Hopefully these stares will pop off the page and pierce into their soul soon enough.

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