Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marc Jacobs Resort '11

Here's my favorite resort collection so far, from Monsieur Marc Jacobs! I love his bowler hats (Je veux un chapeau), and the sort of sixties/seventies vibe his first few looks give off. But my favorite is the nude & coral pink combination of fairy-like lace. Her face is so serious though! The fourth from last black dress is nice too, and I like how he did a side shot to show the poof-ness of the dress in the back. So pretty! But if you walked over a hot air vent... hehe. Aren't the shoes interesting too? Their heel is structural and sort of scallops outwards. Oh, if I could afford this.. (When I win the lottery mama!) Photos courtesy of

I don't think I'll be doing anything today, but maybe papa will agree to take me vintage shopping.. and we'll eat dim sum or something. I miss all you folks at school already. I never gave you a hug!

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