Saturday, June 5, 2010


(Images VIA, the home of Vogue)
Bonjour! C'est (It's) Resort Season, and this here is Mr.Alexander Wang's Resort '11 collection. 'Course this is not the whole thing, but a few of my favorites. His collection keeps to simple, clean cuts-I suppose a classic theme of his-without being too boring! The attention to details keeps this cookie from being to bland~ 

1) I like the collared button up! (Parce que [because] tu sais[you know] que[that] j'aime mes buttonups!)
2)Drapey drapey dress, I love thee! Drapes are so goddess-y.
3)Those little bunches/bows of white in the center of the dress are wonderful!
4)Keke, a button up once again, but sleevless, and with a large detail in the center. Those gloves are nice too!
I wanted to where gloves, but I would come off as a little old lady! (My mama calls me this sometimes)
5)Here, the model wheres an oversize cardigan, with a tucked in button up avec des pantalons (trousers). Oui oui, a favorite combination of mine~

Anyway, back to the Valley (silicon valley!) Today I am going to buy cloth for a special someone's birthday present! I'm going to try mes mains (my hands) at creating a bow tie, and maybe a tie aussi!Well, hopefully you don't read this, so my surprise won't be ruined~

Melting like a popsicle. (California Gurls, we'll melt your popsicle!)

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