Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great America

This is California's Great America (The picture was taken from the viewing tower)!
And this here is my formidable foe Drop Tower Scream Zone (known as Drop Zone), I rode it TWICE! It gives me gigantic tummy rumblies. It feels like the tummy rumblies will explode, but they never do! Anyways, the middle cart, and the leg on the very right is my friend Rucha's.
And this pretty lady on the left if Carli, a super happy friend from the 2nd grade. She laughs all the time. The BEAUTIFUL gal on the right is my twin sister. I'm constantly jealous of how pretty she is. AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TWINS.
And here's Rucha getting off Drop zone. She's obviously tired.
And we never got to ride this! When I was little these were the most boring things ever.
Here's the carousel at the entrance; the lower level lives all your cats (YES) dragons, doggies, and whales (etc.), while the horsies are all so stuck up and live en haut.(On top) We rode the horsies.
This is the inside of the viewing tower! We all got tired after our ice creams, so we sat here for 2 turns. We met a nice little tiger-painted girl, who asked for our numbers. The house is a nice little eating shack, but I thought it was so retro, I had to take a picture. TYPICAL AMUSEMENT PARK FOOD. Even McDonald's is expensive.

My sister got a picture of a little boy looking up with an ice cream cone in his hand. MIGNON~

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