Sunday, August 22, 2010


 (Made by Style Hurricane, $25-35)
I haven't been posting as of late because I've been so darn tootin' busy with school (what was I thinking when I signed up for WHAP and leadership!?) but I must be busy all the time or else my mind will wander off to some other place. Can't have that happening.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a bunch of random things, like a black pencil skirt thing and a pink cardigan, which I will probably end up returning (does anyone else do this?). But, it was the first time the twin and I could run free like willy (who actually swam!) around the mall all by ourselves. So proud (': I also bought that H&M tiger cropped shirt.

I realized I can't buy everything I want, because my pockets are empty, so I need to resort to making a second rate version of them. So sad. I need to somehow create an ear cuff, and then an A-line skirt!

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