Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aldo Fall 2010

One of my favorite shoe stores is Aldo, because it's at the most tippy top of my price range, and has pretty shoes! Their 2010 Fall Collection has several really nice pieces, following the trend of boots, black&brown, clogs, and wedges.

I like the wingtips (I can fly!) on the black boot, and the sort of hidden wedge thing going on in the other two.
I think despite my current height disposition of being short forever, I will consider wearing flat shoes.

These are like back-to-earth brogues, except you'll be towering a couple inches over the ground! (When I think of to-the-earth, I think of my face plastered in the dirt! I had a dream like that once.) I like that colour of brogue, the dark chocolate colour.

Dark chocolate is good for you, by the way. Tons of antioxidents for those of you who want to stay young forever and ever.

I really very much like the first and last shoes here; the first looks bad-butt like you could squish a hundred ants all at once (not that you'd want to) and the last looks like the threesome child of a clog, an oxford, and a football. I love it! I think you'd deliver a pretty nasty kick with these. (images from Aldoshoes)

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