Friday, August 10, 2012

Recent Buys - August

Here is a collection of my recent buys! I got the cropped sleeveless polo in a buy one get one free sale with sis; it was $4. A couple days ago, me, sis, and Ryan biked to saver's for a thrift trip and I found this little beauty! Little boys have the cuuuutest "vintage" clothes. I grabbed the batman baseball tee; it has a batman logo in the front and a 10 in the back w. batman graphics in it! I tried it on and the cut is perfect, but the fabric is a little heavy so i'm saving it for a cooler season. Lastly we went to Valley fair yesterday, where i finally picked up a fitted crop top! It's white with half sleeves. And I splurged on a $20 satchel from UO; it's fake leather accented with leoparded printed faux horse hair. I needed a new school bag anyways ^^

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