Friday, September 24, 2010


Topshop's Lookbook for fall! When I stare at it, I get flashes (LIGHTNING!) of inspiration, but I can't ever do it, youknowwhatImean? I will remember! :
The layering is boo-tiful, especially the brown leather accents (knee pads, elbow pads). If you've seen H&M's commercials (MINDBLOWN! When I first saw it- did H&M make commercials before?) ma soeur et moi, we share the $14.95 men's cardigan with the elbow pads (suede, not leather, unfortunately). So les garcons.. if you ever get cold.. you know who to talk to~
And I like the cut and paste thing going on, with the mismatched sleeves - like knit sleeves with a leather vest. The warm colors make me want to drink hot chocolate!

Anyway, if any y'all were reading this blog for personal tasty tidbits..
Je suis un materialistic personne mal, non? The perils of fashion and the way it makes you seem like a stuck up ladybug. I assure you.. je ne suis pas ca! (I am not that!)
Do ya'll know how it feels to supposedly look like someone but feel like so much less than that certain personne qui you are supposed to look like? If you are part of the 3.2 percent of the world who has a twin, you do!

La Jumelle: That's exactly how I feel!
Moi: That's exactly how I feel!

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