Sunday, September 12, 2010

Band of Outsiders Spring 2011

The 70's
It's fashion week! Here's Band of Outsider's Spring 2011 Women's wear. I chose this bit because they remind me of the 70's, with bold basic colors! I like the 70's, despite Lovely Bones. That put me down in the dumps.
Speaking of the 70's, I got myself Disco Duo nail polish from forever the other day, it comes with a sparkly grey and a pastel grey. I like the pastel grey.

How are you supposed to spell "grey"?

The second part of their show contrasts,
It's sort of pretty and flowy, Grecian actually! (Look at them' sandals.) I like them both.
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  1. Ooh the first part reminds me of Marc Jacobs SS 2007! Because of the primary colors of course.

    The second part is very pretty and girly... makes me feel lovely looking at it, hehe.