Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We were reading through all this old stuff, here and there,
being all nostalgic!

Oui, sometimes I think I'm a loooser, because I miss all the power rangers! 'Course, things won't ever be the same :/ I never took a picture of all of us! I don't think I appreciated it much either. Dommage. 
Je l'aurais apprécié!Oui, I really should've appreciated you guys more.

Tomorrow, I'm traveling to L.A., pour les garcons mignons? Non! Pour le feeling of walking in the sunshine. I miss the sunshine. My cousins from Malaysia said that I photosynthesize. Yes, like a flower.
I need my Vitamin D.

Whenever I travel from San Jose, I get all homesick. Even if it's just a day! Frances et bête, n'est pas?

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