Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Beauty Buys + Gifts

I was vacationing in malaysia this last month (July) and I was excited to learn they actually had skinfood and etude house shops there! The prices weren't too much nicer than ebay, but skinfood was having a sale one day (something you can't get on ebay, haha) so I picked something up :-)

After watching oiseau88's beauty posts I wanted to pick this AC Clinic Clay Pack up from Etude House; coincidentally this was one of the things that was on sale! I got it for around $7.50 usd. It's supposed to control sebum and oil, while drying out pimples. I'm only using this on problem spots and not as a full mask.

My P.I.C also bought some stuff for me while I was away (he knows me so well, and my skin obsession, hehe) How nice was that?? It was a super pleasant surprise.
Likas Papaya Whitening Soap
Simple Makeup Removers
Oil Free Acne Wash (in Pink Grapefruit) by Neutrogena

 My face is picky but hopefully this stuff works!

I also picked up a small angled brush because the one that came with my ELF liner broke..
Lastly I received a small haul of underclothing and socks and essentials like that..
People say highwaisted undies are granny like, and I'm not objecting but y'gotta hold in that muffin top somehow, haha.


  1. I used to use that whitening soap and it really works! I didn't like using it on my face though because it was drying and peeling. It whitened my body though! haha

  2. Oh thank goodness I got sooooo tan in Malaysia "----"