Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fall 2012: Ready to Wear (Part 1)

Ap season got me busy bee'd with studying..or not studying lol, just doing nothing probably. Well I went back to to see Spring 2012 trends and whaddya know, Fall RTW was out! I used to think it was ridiculous how designers decided what would be in trend months from now, how'd they know I'd like it!? Magicccc

Alexander McQueen

I only chose 3 because I was overwhelmed with the variety. All I could do was sum up this collection as "Ice Queen Russian Doll-y" and you know I'm a bad trend forecaster cause my description went over four words

Creatures of Comfort
After scrolling through collections of bright green hues and monochromatic selections I thought simple was refreshing! Then I thought, wow if I ever see them in store I'd totes buy it...but then I remembered if it's on it must be expensive. The simple is misleading

Comme des Garcons
At first I was like wtf and then I was like omg
Ready to wear isn't really ready to wear guys

like the grim reaper fell into a bouquet of flowers

But then I realized maybe it's supposed to be inspirational. and maybe you can't actually wear it out. But I loved the bubblegum-ness and pop colors, and nicely contrast with fall's dark colours.

"That shit cray"

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