Monday, January 3, 2011


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So these are Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 clutches, don't they look so bad butt!? I don't know, but bad-butt-esque things are so much more appealing now, probably because I'm so girly all the time. Look at the brass knuckle clutch, so cool~ Which is sort of ironic, because I was just talking about those recently..

I also got two snake rings. Snakes are so cool too~ There should be other words to convey a sense of coolness, but "cool" seems just right.
This is one of them, it's a triple loop ring. The eyes are turquoise, but it doesn't really show up in these poop-quality webcam picture. My mom took out digital camera on her trip to godknowswheresheis (probably Malaysia or Tibet or Istanbul, that lucky butt), and I'm too lazy to operate an SLR.

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